Advancing research and patient care

The 17th International Congress on Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS 2023) will take place from 3-6 May 2023 in Marseille, France.
Join the premier forum for the latest advancements in myelodysplastic syndromes, where international MDS experts and peers dive into the most recent discoveries, basic and translational research & MDS diagnosis, prognosis, and management.
Benefit from high-level research & science, while getting the chance to meet the global MDS community.
Together, we can enhance knowledge, establish collaborations, and move our field forward.

Why Attend?


The latest science, research updates, workshops with the top leaders and experts in the MDS field


Connect with colleagues from around the globe, share perspectives, experiences and ideas, and form new collaborations


The future of research and patient care is in our hands. Let us help you and your patients thrive.

Welcome to Marseille

France’ second city, and its oldest, is one of those places that will surprise you. This multi-faced port city has lots of history, while also have re-invented itself into a modern metropolitan.
Marseille has its own unique culture, plenty of beaches and nature to enjoy, a range of museums, ancient cultural heritage and a not to miss culinarian culture!

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